Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica

Travelers to Europe have many places to visit. One place you should be sure to check out is Terra Mitica. It’s a theme park that draws visitors who travel from all corners of the globe to see it. Located in Bernidorm it contains rides and activities appealing to a variety of ages.

You may usually think of Terra Mitica as a haven for adrenaline junkies. Besides over the top roller coasters, several other types of attractions exist. To appeal to younger patrons, park designers created scaled downed versions of the adult rides. Children can choose from over 15 such rides.

There’s no limit on how many trips you can take on any particular ride. There’s such an abundance of rides that theme park visitors would be wise to set aside multiple days to enjoy the place. This way there’s ample time to take in all the rides and enjoy them. Terra Mitica even offers two-day passes for this purpose.

The park is arranged into five major areas according to theme. Each area has corresponding rides and themed restaurants. You can grab a bite on the run from one of the quick food stands or enjoy a full meal at the restaurants if your schedule permits.


A visit here means you’ll be transported back in time to ancient Egypt. Take in all of the beautiful architectural details including pyramids. A Nile Waterfall propels guests along in a log before dropping 20 meters only to later hurdle riders down through a backwards plunge.



Thrill lovers will want to head over to Greece. Here they can take a ride on Synkope. Constructed as a large red wheel, Synkope seats up to 70 people  while it spins, twirls and rotates quickly. Experience the feel of life in ancient Greece by taking a horseback ride. Many also stop at the Kinetos temple to experience the simulator there.


If you’re looking for a thrill and unafraid, climb aboard the Flight of the Phoenix. It propels riders over 70 meters high before they plummet superfast at over 120km an hour. Roller coaster fans will love Magnus Colossus while younger visitors will enjoy Tentaculus. Catch a live show at the Roman outdoor theater.


Visitors arrive via river boat. After stopping at El Moll, you can head for a slew of other rides in this section. Train enthusiasts will love a ride on El Tren Bravo. Take a ride on Crazy Cars. You sit atop farm animals like cows and sheep instead of regular cars.

Mediterranean Islands


In keeping with the island theme you’ll find the scenery and rides centered around water. Fight the raging waters of the Rapids of Argos. Also travel down the waterways to help Ulysses, an exciting theme ride.

To get more in-depth  information about the rides and a map of Terra Mitica visit the Terra Mitica site

Newest Rides

Park officials want to keep the anticipation high. They often add new rides and attractions. The newest addition includes Warrior of the Dawn. It’s a digital adventure allowing park visitors to enter the world of Greece. Have a need for speed? Then head over to the Mitikarts race track. The Pyramid of Terror will leave you breathless as ancient mummies, ghouls and powerful pharaohs all conspire to give you the biggest scare of your life.

Terra Mitica Map

Terra Mitica Map

Getting to Terra Mitica

From Benidorm ride either public bus #21 or #22.

Buses leave hourly headed to the park.

If traveling by car, head out on CV70. Follow the signs to the Terra Mitica. Parking costs 5 Euro daily.

For 15 Euro you can take a taxi, for up to 4 people, each direction.

Terra Mitica Tickets

Purchase a variety of tickets including single days passes and two-day passes. Check out the website for current pricing information Terra Mitica